Roller skating in Sevilla

There were plenty of opportunities to go roller skating in Sevilla, especially along the river. A lovely smooth cycle path runs near it (but beware fallen leaves / occasional cracks in the path!), and from my apartment I could skate to several nice spots by the river to settle for an afternoon of reading or writing or Spanish homework.

I skated as far north as the Puente (Bridge) Alamillo, with a stop off at the Camara Oscura, and as far south as Puente Triana. There’s a lovely spot next to the bridge with grass and sunshine and shade and a good view. After the Puente Triana it was impossible to continue on skates as the cycle path turns into a path of wooden planks, but there are lots of other cycle paths in the city which may be skateable. It’s all flat unless you deviate from the cycle path to skate through the park near Puente Triana, where there’s a small (fun) slope into the park going south.

Google map showing the roller skate (cycle) route in Sevilla from Puente Triana up to the north

My roller skating route through Sevilla

Next to the bus station is the Plaza de Armas skatepark, featuring several ramps and steps, but the main attraction is two very nice bowls. Both mornings I went to the skatepark it was almost empty, and it’s conveniently right next to the cycle paths.

One of the bowls at Skatepark Plaza de Armas - perfect for some aggressive roller skating in SevillaThe second bowl at Skatepark Plaza de Armas with a ramp to enter it - perfect for some aggressive roller skating in Sevilla

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