Roller skating in Salamanca

What Salamanca didn’t have in skateparks, it made up for in outdoor skating opportunities – but beware the hills!

Salamanca is full of cycle paths that can also be used for roller skating. A lot of them go right alongside the river, but unlike in Sevilla they’re not raised up next to the road so you get to appreciate the scenery more.

I started in Parque de la Alamedilla, north of the city centre, then continued on to Parque de los Jesuitas. The ground is lovely and smooth and it’s easy to follow the green cycle paths… but it turned out the second park is on a much steeper hill than I thought so I kept accelerating with pedestrians all around.

I continued on the cycle path along the road and looped around to the west along the river, along the Paseo Fluvial. There was an amazing hill at the start of this, where you can see all the way to the bottom so there’s no risk of wiping out pedestrians or on a corner. Then it’s across one of the bridges (very bumpy, no way to avoid this) and along the other side.

Roller skating route through Salamanca

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